Contemplative Listening - The Course

Contemplative listening is a systematic conversation that is designed to guide life in change. The method is suitable as a form of intensive self-reflection and as a clinical tool for irreversible and radical events.

Contemplative listening is a suitable offer for the demand for spiritual guidance. In a clinical context, the application can be considered if the client indicates that the whole of the facts, the experience, the meaning, and the own images can no longer be reconciled. He or she asks for a "reset" or a reorientation, so to speak because the experience of life is called ambiguous or broken. This is possible due to many causes such as illness, long-term treatment, disability, trauma and deployment as a soldier abroad.

After the course the student can:

  • Support the inner dialogue of a client, in which he healingly relates the practice of life and the life story. 

  • Support the philosophical self-examination of a client, in which he mentions communicative conflicts, inhibitions, and disruptions.

  • Reduce and remove barriers to internal dialogue.

  • Change the personal conversation technique in a targeted and experimental way.

The learning process takes place in one's professional environment and during some learning sessions.